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Rising Star Jon Quinn

Our very our JQ has been selected along with 9 other local chefs as this years top ten finalist for the Albany Food & Wine Festival Rising Star Competition. Now each chef will endure an unannounced tasting, interview and final score will include fan votes. So what are you waiting for? Cast your vote now!

Please vote for Jon Quinn, our up and coming rising star chef. Voting ends November 15th, you can vote EVERY DAY until then! We appreciate every vote and can't thank you enough for your support!


Meet JQ - Our vote!


Like everything my career has had peeks and valleys.  While I still thrive to learn something new everyday, I no longer feel the need to change jobs at the drop of a hat. Currently the hardest lessons to learn is how to balance a family with a career that demands so much.

 What I will never tire from is the feeling of peace I earn from feeding strangers, friends, and family. 

To me, that is the best feeling in the world.


My name is Jonathan Quinn.  I am 37 years old, married, and I have three children.  I have spent 23 years in a kitchen. Two thirds of my life, cooking, eating, sweating, bleeding and sometimes crying. There is nothing I would rather be doing professionally.

 Most of my career has been in and around Albany. I have worked at great places and not so great places, each one a learning step for the next move.  As a young cook I moved around a lot. Like clockwork, 18 months was my max, by then I’ve learned what I wanted and was ready for another challenge.  It was around 2006, when I began a five year journey at Yonos that I realized how much I didn’t know.


Chef Danny has been invited to the 2018 Academic Tables of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenza Italy!  

The team of Danny Petrosino, sous chef Jamie Norton -University alumna, family friend Jackie Rothong – formally the head food stylist of the hit tv show “The Chew”, and our friend, Ace Endico representative – Mario Tricomi are heading to Italy!

We have received an invitation to The University of Gastronomic Sciences, the home of Slow Food in Pollenzo, Italy. Danny will be participating in the Academic Tables program as a guest chef.

Each year the University invites 25 chefs from around the world to participate. This year Danny will be the only American chef taking part in the program. 

While at the University the team will be cooking lunch for 250 students while staying true to the slow food philosophy of “good, clean, and fair” and as always in Osteria Danny fashion - staying original. A short film will be made by the university and placed in the UNISG Film office about Chef Danny’s visit for the students who want to see “behind the scenes”. Danny will also participate in a round table discussion with students of the university to share his experiences and thoughts on food. And finally, there will be a official moment of signing the Academic Tables poster with the dean; this board is a proud reminder of all of the the guest chefs who have shared in this amazing project. Danny’s name will forever be with chefs like Alice Waters, Ferran Adrià, Alex Atala, Luiz Aduriz Andoni, Salvatore Toscano, Michel Bras, Massimo Spigaroli, Massimo Bottura, and many many more.


Check out the invitation below