Rising Star Jon Quinn


Our very our JQ has been selected along with 5 other local chefs as one of this years rising star chefs. Each of the 6 winning chefs underwent the 3 month competition where they were nominated by the public; had to meet selection criteria; pass the finalist phase and prepare a surprise tasting and then were reviewed & interviewed by committee judges, all while being voted on buy the public. The 6 winning chefs are celebrated as the brightest rising stars of the Albany culinary scene.

Meet JQ

My name is Jonathan Quinn.  I am 37 years old, married, and I have three children.  I have spent 23 years in a kitchen. Two thirds of my life, cooking, eating, sweating, bleeding and sometimes crying. There is nothing I would rather be doing professionally.

 Most of my career has been in and around Albany. I have worked at great places and not so great places, each one a learning step for the next move.  As a young cook I moved around a lot. Like clockwork, 18 months was my max, by then I’ve learned what I wanted and was ready for another challenge.  It was around 2006, when I began a five year journey at Yonos that I realized how much I didn’t know.

Like everything my career has had peeks and valleys.  While I still thrive to learn something new everyday, I no longer feel the need to change jobs at the drop of a hat. Currently the hardest lessons to learn is how to balance a family with a career that demands so much.

 What I will never tire from is the feeling of peace I earn from feeding strangers, friends, and family. 

To me, that is the best feeling in the world.