On February 24, 2018 Chef Danny was invited to be a guest chef at The University Of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG), an international University, founded by the Slow Food organization and based in the small town of Pollenzo, Italy. UNISG offers students from all over the world a chance to explore all areas of science, culture, politics, economics and ecology of food.


Carlo Petrini welcoming Chef Danny to the University

In addition to tasting the different flavors that each chef brings to the plate, students have the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion and ask as many questions they would like.


Guest of le Tavole Accademiche add their signature to the academic poster and a portrait is hung on the cafeteria walls to serve as a proud reminder of all who have participated in the project. Great chefs and gastronomes like Alice Waters, Ferran Adrià, Alex Atala, Massimo Bottura garnish the walls of the Mensa, and now along side them is Chef Danny.

Each year UNISG invites only 25 guest chefs from around the world who practice the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean, and fair food to visit the campus and prepare lunch for students and university staff. This year Danny was the only chef from the United States to be featured at the University.

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