Rising Star Jon Quinn


Our very our JQ has been selected along with 5 other local chefs as one of this years rising star chefs. Each of the 6 winning chefs underwent the 3 month competition where they were nominated by the public; had to meet selection criteria; pass the finalist phase and prepare a surprise tasting and then were reviewed & interviewed by committee judges, all while being voted on buy the public. The 6 winning chefs are celebrated as the brightest rising stars of the Albany culinary scene.

Meet JQ

My name is Jonathan Quinn.  I am 37 years old, married, and I have three children.  I have spent 23 years in a kitchen. Two thirds of my life, cooking, eating, sweating, bleeding and sometimes crying. There is nothing I would rather be doing professionally.

 Most of my career has been in and around Albany. I have worked at great places and not so great places, each one a learning step for the next move.  As a young cook I moved around a lot. Like clockwork, 18 months was my max, by then I’ve learned what I wanted and was ready for another challenge.  It was around 2006, when I began a five year journey at Yonos that I realized how much I didn’t know.

Like everything my career has had peeks and valleys.  While I still thrive to learn something new everyday, I no longer feel the need to change jobs at the drop of a hat. Currently the hardest lessons to learn is how to balance a family with a career that demands so much.

 What I will never tire from is the feeling of peace I earn from feeding strangers, friends, and family. 

To me, that is the best feeling in the world.

The Saratoga 20

Local Superstars who are changing the way we think about Saratoga

To celebrate 20th anniversary of 'saratoga living', they chose 20 people in the area who are contributing to the community in new and exciting ways. Our very own Patti Petrosino was awarded this honor.



Food City

Kevin Seesums of Saratoga Living crafts a masterful feature article on how Saratoga Springs suddenly emerged as America's best small city restaurant destination. Our very own Chef Danny was featured front and center. Check out the full article here.


Article excerpt:

“Another Saratoga culinary marvel who has stayed the course is Chef Danny Petrosino whose restaurant, Osteria Danny, which is run by his wife Patti, serves as a kind of family gathering each night it’s open. And it stays open as long as people want to eat. There’s no closing time. “As long as people keep coming, we keep serving,” he says. “This is our business. I support my family with this. This is not something I do as a hobby—which nowadays you find a lot of. Patti takes every reservation. Her cellphone number is the restaurant number.”

-Kevin Seesums



In February 2018, Chef Danny was invited to be an honored guest chef at The University Of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG), an international University, founded by the Slow Food organization and based in the Pollenzo, Italy. UNISG offers students from all over the world a chance to explore all areas of science, culture, politics, economics and ecology in relation to food.


Carlo Petrini welcoming Chef Danny to the University

In addition to tasting the different flavors that each chef brings to the plate, students have the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion and ask as many questions they would like.


Guest of le Tavole Accademiche add their signature to the academic poster and a portrait is hung at the school to serve as a proud reminder of all who have participated in this noteworthy project. Great chefs and gastronomes like Alice Waters, Ferran Adrià, Alex Atala, and Massimo Bottura have been honored on the walls of the Mensa. After 25 years of cooking in the traditions of the Slow Food movement, Chef Danny Petrosino has now taken his place as a member of this prestigious group of noted international chefs.

Each year UNISG invites only 25 guest chefs from around the world who practice the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean, and fair food to visit the campus and prepare lunch for students and university staff. Danny was the only chef from the United States to be featured at the University in 2018.

Check out our adventures at UNISG

words from chef danny


We teamed up with the American Cancer Society and went pink with the #realmenwearpink campaign.

Along with enjoying a night of great food, drinks, raffle prizes we were able to raise money for a great cause.

Chili bowl Champs

For the second consecutive year, we participated in the Saratoga Clay Arts Annual Chili Bowl. Area clay artists make hand-crafted bowls that are filled up with delicious chili by competing restaurants and event goers cast votes for the winners of “Best Chili”. We are proud to say osteria danny defended our title of Chili Bowl Champs! Take a look at event photos from each year.


Winner Winner ….

Chili Dinner!!!