Innovating  Palates for over 30 years

osteria danny is an American Italian restaurant located in the heart of Saratoga Springs, New York. Our attention to detail creates a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for sophisticated dining.

Danny Petrosino developed osteria danny with the intent to serve fresh and uncomplicated food.  Danny strives to consistently create an enjoyable and gratifying experience for our guests. 

The menu is continually evolving. We are excited to introduce an amazing selection of wines from the best small producers. Based on local products and seasonal specialties, the menu is a culmination of thirty (30) years of expertise as well as experience cooking (and eating) with a great number of amazing individuals. With each new day, we pay respect to our past, while embracing innovative concepts and ideas. Whenever possible, we source products locally and use family-owned purveyors.





I consider myself a good cook, not a great chef. I don’t consider myself an artist but more a good mechanic. This restaurant is about me and my staff cooking and serving the very best that we can, every day.
The philosophy at osteria danny is to obtain the very best ingredients possible, preferably from local family-owned vendors. And it is our mission to pass that quality on to our guests.
In this day and age when bigger is often assumed better, we are committed to remain small and preserve the disappearing traditions of the chef-owned restaurant.
I am thankful that we are able to be a part of such an exciting community, and equally thankful for the support of our amazing guests.